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Rainguard Water Sealers

Wet-Look, High Gloss Finish

Wet-Look, High Gloss Finish

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Protect and rejuvenate paver, stone, concrete, and other masonry with Rainguard Water Sealers Wet Look! Our non-toxic and water-based formula is safe for people, pets, and plants. Wet Look penetrates the surface and forms a thin protective barrier that resists weather, water, and stains on unpainted pavers, stone, concrete, and other masonry. It provides a decorative finish that is safe for indoor or outdoor use with little to no odor and very low VOC’s. 

Finish: Dries Clear, Darkening The Surface And Enhancing Color

Durable: Will not yellow, crack, or peel – even in direct sunlight!


Up to 200 sq. ft. / gallon depending on surface porosity

Where To Use

Perfect for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal use on brick, concrete, pavers, stone, walls, fences, patios, decks, and any other porous masonry surfaces.

How To Apply

Always apply in good weather between 40°F - 80°F.

The sealer should be sprayed on in a flood coat with a hand-pump garden sprayer. At least 2 flood coats are needed. Depending on surface porosity and desired look, additional coats may be needed. (2 coats = satin finish, 3 coats = high gloss finish)

Please read our Application Guide fully before starting your project by clicking here or watch our How To video by clicking here.

Clean Up

Simply use soap and water directly after application is completed. Be sure to clean any overspray on glass and decorative metals with a clean damp cloth.

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Dry Time


Can I paint over Wet-Look at a later time?

Yes. You can paint over Wet-Look but keep in mind it will not protect the paint from moisture damage.

What product can I use on my driveway?

Although we don't suggest using Wet-Look on any surface subject to hot tire traffic, you can use Garage Floor Sealer on your driveway.

Data Sheets

Download Technical and Safety Data Sheets Below

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