Let's Concentrate®


Why pay more for shipping water to your door?

Concentrates reduce shipping costs by huge margins.  Reduction in water allows for smaller container size and weight.  By reducing the water part of the product solutions, shipping costs are less and these savings are passed directly to you, who are now saving several dollars per unit as a result.


Why hassle with limited storage space caused by bulky containers?

Something everyone needs is one less large, bulky product container using up precious storage space within their homes.  Concentrates come in quart-size containers designed for easily tucking into any small space.


Why not earn cash back for recycling?

Caring for your environment, including keeping containers and products safe for people, pets, and plants is a high priority for Rainguard Water Sealers. In this same motion, recycling product containers plays an equally important environmental role, one that you’re paid for in a digital gift card for your next Rainguard.com purchase for being a part of that process.

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