Let's Concentrate Recycling Program Sign Up

Select Rainguard Water Sealers packaging is now recyclable! Eco-pod and black quart packaging can be sent back to our facility to be reused. By joining our Let’s Concentrate™ program you can help us reduce landfill waste one concentrate container at a time. Plus, for every qualifying recycling return you make, receive a digital gift card for future Rainguard.com orders. Terms and conditions apply, see below for details.

Join the Let’s Concentrate program in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create an account at Rainguard.com
  2. Once you have used your sealer and the bottle is empty, visit Rainguard.com/LetsConcentrate and fill out the return form with the email you used to create your account. After completing the short form you will receive mailing instructions.
  3. We will notify you via email when your submission has been received, approved, and your digital gift card credited.

Let’s Concentrate Recycling Rewards Terms and Conditions: The Let’s Concentrate Recycling Rewards program is available exclusively to Rainguard.com account owners located within the US. Rainguard Water Sealers packaging that is eligible for rewards are 6 oz eco-pods and 32 oz black quarts . Customers can earn potential rewards at a rate of $2.00 in credit/digital gift card(s) per item redeemable at Rainguard.com. There is no limit to the number of Return forms an individual may create. Rainguard Brands, LLC reserves the right to deny any program submission considered ineligible for reasons including but not limited to product type or product condition. Additionally, Rainguard Brands (Rainguard Water Sealers) is not responsible for lost or otherwise undelivered mailings. Once Rainguard Brands receives, processes, and approves your submission, the Let’s Concentrate Recycling Reward credit/digital gift card(s) will be added to your user account under the email provided by the customer. Multiple product submissions may appear individually and not as a single lumped credit/digital gift card. Let’s Concentrate Recycling Rewards are not activated nor visible in your account prior to being approved. All rewards are sent via the email provided by the customer in step 2 above. Let’s Concentrate Recycling Rewards gift cards are valid for one year beginning at the date of disbursement and cannot be transferred. Containers for recycling should be mailed to Rainguard Water Sealers, 2736 West McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85009, Attn: Let’s Concentrate Recycling Program