Warranty Terms And Conditions

A Warranty Application does not guarantee a warranty nor does it assume any responsibility on behalf of Rainguard outside of standard manufacturing workmanship.

By submitting this warranty application, I agree that any information provided about this project is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate. I understand that in order to mitigate any potential damages, I must notify Rainguard within 72-hours of discovery of noted damages. Notification of any errors must be sent to info@rainguard.com. If Rainguard is not notified, warranty application becomes void and would need to be resubmitted with accurate project information.

I understand Purchase receipts are required for any warranty application to support the purchased materials. If the purchase receipts do not match the quantity applied, the application will be rejected. Product that does not have purchase receipts will not be eligible for a warranty.

I understand that in the event a warranty is issued, and a claim is filed, Rainguard reserves the right to request more details about the project and conditions of the application such as weather and methods of application to properly identify the issue before action is taken on any claim. If any information is found to be untrue from the original warranty application or during the claim process, the claim and warranty become void, with the exception of manufacturing defects.

I understand that the above requirements do not void any of Rainguard’s implied workmanship on our manufactured products. Rainguard products are to perform as advertised when applied within Rainguard’s documented scope of application. For more information on application guidelines, please refer to the proper products technical data sheet and safety data sheet.

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