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  • Slip Resist™ Anti-Slip Additive


    • Easy to mix and apply
    • Fine grit is safe for bare feet
    • Durable for foot traffic and tires
    • Reduces unsafe surface conditions – wet or dry

    Item #: SP-1609
    Anti-slip Additive
    Add to 1 gallon of sealer


    Slip Resist™

    Rainguard® Water Sealers™ Slip Resist™ is a durable anti-skid additive that can be added to interior/exterior paint, epoxies, and acrylic sealers to create a fine gritty texture to help create more traction on a horizontal surface. Great for using with Rainguard®’s Gloss Sealer.

    When using Slip Resist™ add 3.2 oz for each 1 gallon of sealer. When using Slip Resist™ with Rainguard®’s Gloss Sealer, there is a mandatory minimum of two coats of Gloss Sealer.

    To Mix

    Gloss Sealer:

    Pour 3.2oz of Slip Resist into each 1 gallon of Gloss Sealer. Only mix Slip Resist into first coat. Then apply second coat of Gloss Sealer without Slip Resist mixed in.

    Garage Floor Urethane Coating:

    Slip Resist is already pre-mixed into Rainguard® Water Sealers™ Garage Floor Urethane Coating. Do not add more.

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