Tinted Waterproofers In 4 Colors

Waterproofer with a Sheer Tint of Color

  • Eco-Friendly, Easy To Apply
  • For All Wood and Masonry Surfaces
  • Waterproofer + Tint of Color in 1 Product!
  • Protects And Extends The Life Of Your Wood or Masonry
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Covers up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon




Item #: TPC-0117
Cedar Bark
Tint + Seal in One
For Wood + Masonry


Item #: TPC-0113
Golden Honey
Tint + Seal in One
For Wood + Masonry


Item #: TPC-0114
Natural Brown
Tint + Seal in One
For Wood + Masonry


Item #: TPC-0115
Rustic Redwood
Tint + Seal in One
For Wood + Masonry



Available in Cedar Bark, Golden Honey, Natural Brown and Rustic Redwood. (Swatches below in that order)


*Swatches are for reference only, actual color may vary slightly. Tinted Waterproofer was applied by spraying with a hand pump garden sprayer to untreated pallet wood for swatches shown.

High Performance Water Protection with a Hint of Color

Rainguard’s Tinted Waterproofer gives the homeowner commercial grade protection against water, salt and weathering while adding a hint of color to your project. Using Rainguard’s exclusive Micro-Lok™ technology, water, oil, salts and grime simply roll off driveways, sidewalks, pavers, patios and decks. Tinted Waterproofer protects, restores and extends the life of your surfaces.

Like all Rainguard products, our Tinted Waterproofer is a water based,  eco-friendly, low odor product that is easy on the environment (and you), yet provides unparalleled protection for your home. Tinted Waterproofer is a READY TO USE product. DO NOT DILUTE.



Use on the Following Vertical or Horizontal Surfaces:

Wood 200 Sq ft per gallon
Clay Brick 125-150
Stucco 100-150
Stone (Stepping Stones, Cultured Stones, etc.) 100-125
Split Faced Block 50-70
Precision Block 60-70
Lightweight Block 40-55
Adobe Block 70-90
Clay Block 50-60
Clay/Stone Pots 60-70
Concrete 125-150
EFIS 80-120
  • Penetrates deep – Perfect for use on fences, driveways, and garages
  • Prevents growth of mold and mildew
  • Stain resistant to oil, gas and anti-freeze
  • Great winterizing agent – Protects concrete from icing and salt infiltration
  • Easy to use – Same day, one coat application
  • Apply in cold weather down to 40°F
  • Easy clean up – Simple rinse with soap and water
  • Low VOC and low odor won’t harm people, pets, or plants
  • Protect your investment with a THREE YEAR satisfaction guarantee

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 9.34 lbs

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How to Apply

Weather Conditions:
A basic “rule of thumb” is to apply during moderate temperatures when humidity and dew point levels are low. If it is expected to rain within 24 hours of application, postpone your project till weather conditions improve. If you need to store the product till a later date do not allow the product to freeze or overheat. For more specific details please contact us by phone or email listed below.

Clean and Prep:
Before pressure washing apply and brush out stains using Cleaner/Prep manufactured by Rainguard and available here on our website. Ensure the surface is clean and “bone dry”, thus allowing the sealer to absorb into the surface.

This eco-friendly product is safe to use and easy to apply. Make sure to lightly shake bottle to mix any color sediment that may have settled.

For a proper application, use a hand pumped garden sprayer. Apply 1 (one) heavy saturation coat to ensure the product can penetrate deep into the surface, sealing the pores or capillaries.
Once the 1st coat is damp to the touch apply the recommended 2nd saturation coat to ensure best results. Once the 2nd coat is completely dry you can now
put any decor, furniture etc. back on the treated surface. IMPORTANT: Avoid letting any water to come in contact with your newly sealed surface for 24 hours. After full cure time is achieved (approximately 4-5 days) you can expect the full beading effect.
Wait to test water repellency after the full chemical cure period. To conduct a test, simply drip some water in a few places where you have sealed the surface, if the drips make the surface darken, this is an indication that it is still absorbing, meaning you need to apply another coating. (more common with older surfaces)

Vertical Surfaces:
Allow product to drip heavily before moving onto the next spot. Heavily saturate the surface maintaining at least a 6-inch drip or run down.

Horizontal Surfaces:
Apply the product until it starts to pool up slightly. You will know enough was applied in any given spot when the product starts to pool (puddle) up with a milky-white color. The puddling will dissipate slowly into the pores so there is no need to back roll or brush them out.

Clean-Up: Clean-up is a breeze thanks to our water based formula. Simply rinse out equipment with fresh water after application until it runs clear. Any undesired over-spray on windows or glass can be immediately wiped off. If the product has already dried it can be cleaned off quickly with a rag, warm water, and a mild soap.

Anything we missed? Call us at 949-515-8800, chat is also available on the lower right side of this page, or email us: info@rainguard.com


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