Premium Salt Guard Water & Salt Protection

Eco-Friendly | Easy To Apply

  • Helps prevents damage from de-icers, road salts, & salt spray
  • Reduce spalling & corrosion from moisture & salts
  • Dries invisible – deep penetrating & breathable
  • Protects surfaces from freeze/thaw damage
  • Makes shoveling snow and ice easier
  • Can be applied on new concrete

Covers up to 250 sq. ft. per gallon




Technical Data Sheet: SaltGuardTDS.pdf

Safety Data Sheet: SaltGuardSDS.pdf

Application Guide: AppGuide2019.pdf

Item #: SP-1001
Makes 1 Gallon 32oz Concentrate
Covers Up To 250 Sq.Ft.


Item #: SP-1005
Makes 5 Gallons
32oz Concentrate
Covers Up To 1250 Sq Ft


Item #: SP-1004
Makes 2 Gallons
32oz Concentrate
Covers Up To 500 Sq Ft




Salt Guard Protects all Surfaces Prone to Salt & Ice Damage

Salt Guard is the best protection from damage caused by road salt, ice, rain, snow, and salt spray.  It penetrates the pores of the surface and creates an invisible barrier protecting your home from corrosion. Salt products such as Ice Melt, freeze/thaw cycles, or even the ocean air can all cause cracking, spalling, and other types of damage to your home.  By filling the pores of the surface, Salt Guard prevents moisture and salt from seeping into the surface and breaking it apart. For best results against winter damage, apply between August and October or before the winter freeze.

Easy Clean Up. Simply use soap and water to clean up any overspray on glass and decorative metals. This product is non-toxic and will not harm people, pets, or plants.



  • Penetrating formula does not create a “slippery” surface
  • Low VOC and low odor won’t harm people, pets or plants
  • Suitable for use on green, newly poured concrete (5-7 days old)
  • Apply prior to using “Ice Melt” for easier ice and snow removal
  • Easy to use – Same day, two coat application using a hand pump garden sprayer
  • Easy clean up – Simply rinse overspray and tools with soap and water
  • Protects your investment from continuous freeze/thaw cycles
  • Apply in cold weather down to 40°F and hot weather up to 100°F


Recommended Surfaces (Vertical & Horizontal):

Brick Surfaces 70-140 square feet per gallon
Stone Surfaces 70-140 square feet per gallon
Concrete Surfaces 70-140 square feet per gallon
Unglazed Tile Surfaces 70-140 square feet per gallon
Wood Decking 250 square feet per gallon
Sidewalks 125 square feet per gallon
Salt Water Pool Deck 100-125 square feet per gallon



>> What is the mix ratio for the concentrates?

For the quart concentrate that makes TWO gallons – Dilute 1 part concentrate to 7 parts clean water. Store the remainder in a temperature-controlled environment (meaning do not let freeze or overheat).

For the quart concentrate that makes FIVE gallons – Dilute 1 part concentrate to 19 parts clean water. Store the remainder in a temperature-controlled environment (meaning do not let freeze or overheat).

Additional information

How to Apply

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • Unglazed Tile

Weather Conditions:

Apply during moderate temperatures when humidity and dew point levels are low. If it is expected to rain within 24 hours of application, postpone your project until weather conditions improve. If you need to store the product until a later date do not store in direct sunlight/high temperatures or allow the product to freeze. For more specific details please contact us by phone or email listed below.

Clean and Prep:

Gently brush out any stains with a soft bristle brush or rag using Rainguard Cleaner/Prep. If you plan on pressure washing, make sure to remove stains with Cleaner/Prep first. Once the surface is clean, make sure to let it dry until it is “bone dry”. This will allow the sealer to absorb deep into the surface for maximum protection. Think of your surface as a sponge. A wet sponge will not be able to absorb as much as a dry sponge.

Protect anything you don’t want sealed by moving it out of the way or covering it with a tarp or drop cloth (including your and/or the neighbors car). All Rainguard Premium Project Sealers are eco-friendly and safe for people, pets, and plants. A small amount of overspray on your plants or grass will not effect them. However, sometimes large leaf plants will show droplets from overspray, so you may want to move or cover them up before application.


READY TO USE products (white bottle) can be shaken lightly before use to disperse any settled material.

CONCENTRATES (black bottle) are the best value and mixing is simple. 1. For Eco-Pods or concentrates that make 1 gallon, empty the contents directly into a 1 gallon hand pump garden sprayer and fill with clean water. Mix lightly to disperse material. 2. For the quart concentrate that “makes 2 gallons”, empty the contents of the quart into an empty 5 gallon pail then add clean water to the 2 gallon mark. Mix lightly. Note: If there is no 2 gallon mark visible, first add 2 gallons of water into the empty 5 gallon pail and mark the water level with a sharpie marker. 3. For the quart that “makes 5 gallons”, empty the contents of the quart into an empty 5 gallon pail then fill with clean water. Mix lightly.


Always apply at least 2 (two) heavy coats of sealer to your surface. Older surfaces may require more than two coats, depending on surface porosity. Once the first coat is dry to the touch apply the second saturation coat. When the second coat is completely dry you can now put any decor, furniture etc. back on the treated surface.

Vertical Surfaces:

Spray starting at the top of the surface allowing the product to saturate and drip heavily before moving onto the next spot. Slowly spray in a horizontal cross hatch motion, maintaining at least a 6-inch drip or run down.

Horizontal Surfaces:

Spray the product until it starts to pool up slightly. You will know enough is applied in any given spot when the product starts to pool (puddle) up with a milky-white color. Although the puddling will dissipate slowly into the pores, you may wish to back roll or brush out puddles for a faster dry time.

For small areas such as bannisters: USING A BRUSH IS NOT RECOMMENDED. You may use a 1/4” nap roller, making sure roller is soaking wet and apply 3 coats per one spray coat (meaning a total of 6 coats rolled to equal two coats sprayed).

IMPORTANT: Avoid letting any water to come in contact with your newly sealed surface for 24 hours. After full cure time is achieved (approximately 4-7 days at 75° F) you can expect the full beading effect. Wait to test water repellency after the full chemical cure period. To conduct a test, simply drip some water in a few places where you have sealed the surface. If the drips make the surface darken, this is an indication that it is still absorbing, meaning you need to apply another coat. (This issue is most common with older surfaces).


Rainguard Water Sealers uses a water based formula. Simply rinse out equipment with clean water until it runs clear. Any undesired over-spray on windows or glass can be immediately wiped off with a clean cloth. If the product has already dried it can be washed off quickly with a clean cloth, warm water, and a mild soap.

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