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Across the nation people rely on Stucco exterior for its great looks and durability. Though in reality, stucco is very water absorbent and needs to be sealed. Any imperfection in the stucco or crack will allow water to seep in and start causing damage through the freezing cycle, mold, mildew and other moisture related problems.
A great way to protect the look of your stucco and prolong the life of your exterior stucco is to apply a Stucco Sealer by Rainguard®. Our Stucco Sealer is an easy to apply, reliable sealants that will help keep water and moisture from absorbing into the surface of your stucco.
You’ll find the stucco sealer is an easy DIY project that will have very effective results in protecting your home from the common water damage that comes with stucco. Look to Rainguard to supply you with the ideal waterproofing products and to answer any questions you may have.

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