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Brick Pavers are generally used as a way to improve the look of an area by bringing a sense of old world charm. Pavers are able to create a great looking and solid surface when installed correctly. Pavers are made from brick material which is able to be penetrated by moisture very easily which can cause damage over time due to mold, mildew, the freezing cycle and more.
Rainguard Paver Sealer is the ideal product to protect your brick pavers. Paver Sealer is able to penetrate deep into the paver to create a barrier against moisture and stains that are caused over time.
Choose the best paver sealer for your home sealing projects. Rainguard has created an amazing product that is easy to use and apply to your brick pavers that will help prolong the life and looks of your brick pavers. Rainguard also has several different finishes of you to choose from. Choose a clear finish that won’t alter the look or color of your pavers or a tinted version that will change the overall color of your pavers. We also have a great looking and very popular gloss finish that provides a wet look to your pavers.

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