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Did you finally install that beautiful concrete driveway or patio you’ve been dreaming about for years? Is it a stamped concrete look or a simple brushed concrete patio or pool deck? No matter what your concrete project is, you’ll want to make sure to seal it with a concrete sealer to protect it from damage and to maintain its appearance for the future.
Rainguard’s concrete sealer penetrates the surface to create a barrier that moisture and rain won’t be able to get through. This strong barrier will also help prevent stains from occurring and damaging the look of your concrete.
Rainguard® brings you several concrete sealers to choose from depending on the finished project you’re looking for. We carry the natural finish clear sealer that won’t affect the look of your concrete, tinted waterproofers that come in the most popular colors and a gloss sealer that will give your concrete a wet look while still protecting it from moisture.
Let us help you find the ideal concrete waterproofer or water repellent for your application. With our help, you’ll be certain to have an easy and successful time applying our concrete sealer to your concrete surfaces.

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