Water Repellent Stains

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Rainguard® Tinted Waterproof Stain is an advanced waterproofing interior/exterior stain that is designed to penetrate and protect all porous surfaces. This water based stain is the perfect solution for protecting and improving the look of interior/exterior surfaces in your home. Available in four beautiful colors, Cedar Bark, Golden Honey, Rustic Redwood, and Natural Brown.
The surfaces around your home deserve long lasting protection from the elements and a beauty that will last through the seasons. Rainguard’s Tinted Waterproofer Stain is specifically designed to create a strong bond with many different surfaces. The Stain creates a barrier that prevents water and stain causing liquids from settling into the surface. The result is long lasting protection that keeps surfaces beautiful and moisture free.
Contact Rainguard about any questions you may have about our tinted waterproofing products and let us help you find the correct product for your project.

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