The important objectives for sealing and maintaining your interior garage floor.

Rainguard’s Garage Floor Urethane Coating is a one-step, easy to apply high performance water-based urethane.  It’s a protective coating designed for concrete surfaces that creates a resistive layer against hot tire pickup marks, peeling, chemical, oils and gasoline spills.  While it maintains the integrity of your flooring, protects, and makes cleanups extremely simple and complete, it also beautifies your garage area.

As an additional feature, Garage Floor coating comes with our proprietary Slip Resist™ as part of its solution.  Everyone’s experienced the slip and slide that happens when you walk onto your garage floor with wet or snow covered shoes, and many have had the same experience after stepping along oil spots from where your vehicles invariably drip over time.  Slip Resist™ is the product Rainguard has incorporated to reduce if not alleviate those types of events from happening.

Garage Floor coating is a single-part coating, and what that means for you, the consumer, is that you don’t have to mix exacting ratios of two components, in a separate container with mixing devices, before applying. This one is ready to use.  In effect you simply pour and apply when you’re ready to coat your garage floor.  Plus, there’s no longer a rush to finish application because of a strict time constraint regarding when the coating hardens, like there is with a two-component coating.  Traditional two-component coatings only provide a 1-2 hour application window, after which that coating will begin to harden regardless if you’re finished applying or not. 

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