There are a lot of reasons to love winter. A cozy night spent by the fire watching snow fall outside becomes a lot less enjoyable with the thought of shoveling your driveway and walkway first thing in the morning. With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting a longer-than-average winter season for the coming year, your home is sure to see its fair share of snow and ice. Wish there was an easier way to clear snow and ice without risking the damaging effects of road salts and chemical de-icers? Salt Guard by Rainguard has got you covered. The easy-to-apply, deep penetrating formula provides premium protection for your home from both harmful de-icers and the damage caused by snow and ice.

Freezing temperatures and wet conditions can lead to cracks and corrosion in concrete, wood, and other surfaces. Outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, driveways and walkways are especially vulnerable. Road salts and chemical de-icers are a great way to clear snow and ice, but they can cause structural damage that can be as just as bad as the problems caused solely by the weather. Salt Guard is a liquid coating applied to the surface to form a protective barrier, preventing moisture and chemicals from reaching the underlying surface. Left untreated, porous surfaces will allow water to seep in. This water freezes and melts with changing temperatures, causing contractions that could lead to cracks and chips in the underlying surface. Salt Guard’s protective barrier also protects the surface from the stress caused by the repeated freezing and thawing that is likely to occur over the winter months. Salt Guard is safe for use on concrete, brick, wood, stone, pavers, and unglazed tile.

To ensure that no moisture interferes with the formation of the protective layer, it is key to apply Salt Guard in low humidity with moderate temperatures. Late Summer or early Fall is typically a great time to complete this process. With an easy, same day application, protecting all your outdoor surfaces is just a quick weekend project. Salt Guard is a great value product, covering up to 260 sq. ft. per gallon. Just two coats ensure your surfaces are set for the winter. Salt Guard is lifeform approved, meaning it is safe for use around people, pets and plants. It is available as a ready-to-use mixture or as a concentrated formula. Applying Salt Guard before the snow hits is the best way to prepare your home for winter weather.

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