When faced with a decision between ready-to-use or concentrate products, it’s easy to see the label “ready to use” and take it (quite literally) for face value. Most people can shy away from concentrated formulas imagining the extra effort they require, however when the monetary savings and benefits stack up, that tiny extra effort –  it’s worth it. Especially when this “extra effort” is as simple as just adding water! Most people get a glass of water every day when they wake up in the morning, and when there’s two-for-one prices with concentrated products, who can refuse? To clarify any lingering confusion between the two options, you’ll see when you compare ready to use vs concentrate the concentrated formula is just as easy to use – while saving your wallet the extra expense.

While all our eco-friendly products have an easy cleanup and are verifiably safe for loved ones (people, pets, and plants alike), one needs to keep in mind storage and cost of shipping – especially for larger projects. Take, for example, our Concrete Sealer. Below are two photos of the same product:

ready to use vs concentrate









Both provide the same amount of silane siloxane waterproof coating (5 gallons), but the list of pros for the concentrate formula is much longer.

Concentrate Pros:

  • Light-weight & easy to carry
  • Less waste from packaging
  • Less expensive freight costs
  • Can be partially used and stored in an airtight container for up to 2 years
  • Takes up less space on a freight truck (meaning less trucks on the road!)

Ready-to-Use Formula Pros:

  • No mixing needed
  • Can be partially used and stored in an airtight container for up to 2 years

The only pro that the ready-to-use has above the concentrate formula is that you don’t need to mix the solution. The concentrate formula on the other hand is more environmentally friendly, lessens the load and cost of transportation, and won’t break your back when the product’s delivered to your hands at an impressively quick turnaround. The Ready-to-Use products’ cons can be explained as basically not offering what the concentrate provides, as well as ultimately being the less cost-effective option. With its heavier, bulkier packaging comes a higher shipping price, and once delivered, it’s heavier to handle on the project site. Whereas with the concentrate formula, its only con is the itsy bitsy piece of effort touched on in the beginning – diluting the product yourself by mixing it with ordinary tap water. Whether a concentrate that makes 1 gallon, 2 gallons, or 5 gallons, the product is shipped in the same easy-to-handle single quart container.

There’s also a stark price difference at checkout. For project sealers, like our Concrete Sealer, you can purchase 5 gallons ready-to-use for $127.46 or 5 gallons of the concentrate formula for $59.98. That’s more than half the price of the ready-to-use! You can also purchase a concentrate formula that makes 2 gallons for $24 over a ready-to-use 1 gallon product for $30 – that’s twice the product at a lower cost! We sell concentrated formulas for a whole range of products – surface prep cleaners, project sealers, and graffiti protection and cleaner – and with competitively low prices for a product with consistent and convenient packaging, we ensure our customers get more use from their ounce, and more bang for their buck! Maximize your savings and minimize the space and expense. Sometimes life really is as easy as just adding water.

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