If you’re new to the do-it-yourself (DIY) world, then you may be wondering about various types of wood sealers. Perhaps you want to waterproof some outdoor furniture, put up a modern wooden fence, or want to stain a new piece of furniture. No matter the reason or application, if you want wood to last, then you need to treat it with the right finish. For indoor use, that may mean staining the wood or working with interior wood sealers, for outdoor use, that may mean using waterproofing sealers or a combination of both.

Before you can choose which type of product to use, it’s important to understand the difference between these wood finishing products. Some people use wood sealers as an umbrella term, even though it’s different from staying agents and fillers.

Staining is essential and recommended only when you want to actually change the natural look of the wood or if you want to get a uniform color. This is especially true if you are using different types of wood during your staining process. All wood will slightly darken and begin to take on a warm appearance once the final coats are applied.

When it comes to sealing, a wash coat is used in order to clean the surface of the wood. Doing this will make the wood much smoother as well as prevent any debris from getting in the way of the stain which can affect the quality of the wood and the finish of the stain. There are commercially prepared wood sealers that have a color mixed in  to help you can take the DIY approach. Make sure you’re using a hand pump garden sprayer and get a nice flood coat on the wood.

Make sure you know what types of wood sealers you’re going to be working with before you begin any project. If you want to learn more about the various types of wood sealers or wood deck waterproofing products, contact us: Call (949) 515-8800 or Text (630) H20-SEAL or Email: info@rainguard.com today.

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