If you’re like most homeowners, you want to keep your house looking great, both inside and out. But many times, families have to pick and choose which renovation and maintenance projects they can take on. Even though you might like spending time outdoors on the deck, you might think there are more pressing matters than investing in wood deck waterproofing products. The reality is that if you fail to put waterproof sealers on your deck, you’re likely to end up with much bigger (and more expensive) problems before you know it.

Here are three good reasons why you shouldn’t skip wood deck waterproofing this summer:

1. You may be sacrificing on safety

The last thing you want is to put your loved ones in danger. But if you don’t provide water repellent protection for wood surfaces, you may end up creating a hazardous situation. Non-waterproofed wood can easily split and crack over time, causing panels to lift and present the possibility for accidents and trips. In addition, stairs and other wood surfaces that aren’t coated with a water sealer are typically more slippery, especially if it’s raining or wet from the pool and you’re in a hurry. It’s important to do everything you can to prevent slips and falls; something as simple as wood deck waterproofing can help keep family members and visitors safe.

2. Your deck won’t last as long

The main reason to waterproof your deck is the added protection it provides. Even if you live in a relatively dry climate, it’s not realistic to keep all water off your deck. And if the wood goes untreated, mold can grow very quickly. In fact, mold can grow within a 24- to 48-hour period in moist environments. If you fail to take preventative action, you’ll likely have to deal with rotted wood. Not only does this present major safety concerns, but your deck won’t look its best and will require repairs. You’ll want to extend the life of your deck as much as you can, and waterproofing provides an easy way to do that.

3. You’ll likely spend more in the long run

You might not be thrilled to spend a bit on waterproof coatings for your deck, but you need to consider the fact that doing so will save you a lot more in the long term. Preventative measures like waterproofing are a lot more affordable than repairs and replacement. Sealing your deck before damage occurs will save you money and provide valuable peace of mind.

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