When it comes to water resistant wood sealers, many people don’t fully understand the many different types. They approach sealing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. However, there are many different types of sealers for treating wood, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re trying to enhance the appearance of wood surfaces while also protecting them from water damage, then one option in particular should stand out: gloss sealers.

When shopping for a water sealer for wood furniture, decks, or other surfaces around your home, here are four benefits that come from using gloss sealers:


The main reason people invest in sealers is to create a barrier between the finished surface and the outside elements such as rain and dirt, as well as other potential contaminants and stains. Properly sealed and maintained surfaces can last for years and years without significantly fading or becoming dull or discolored. They’ll also stay strong and won’t become brittle or cracked. Most wood stains need to be completely removed (and two new coats be applied) after just three years or less, but effective gloss sealers should still be strong after five years or more.

2) Versatile:

Contrary to popular belief, gloss sealer can be used on a vast number of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Although it’s primarily used as a wood sealer, it can also be used for brick, concrete, stone, pavement, painted surfaces, and virtually any type of masonry. Just one gallon can seal up to 200 square feet, saving you both time and maintenance work. Whatever outdoor surfaces you need to seal, you can rest assured that using a gloss sealer is the way to go.

3) Waterproof:

For many people, the biggest benefit of sealing is that it creates a barrier to protect against all types of moisture. Waterproof sealers prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be incredibly dangerous to any people or pets in your home. In fact, mold can grow in just 24 to 48 hours in an untreated, moist environment. Protect yourself and your family from the potential dangers of mold and choose a waterproof sealer.

4) Environmentally-Friendly:

Many people assume that gloss sealers are full of toxic chemicals and fumes. In reality, the best gloss sealers have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are mostly odorless. What little odor it has isn’t toxic or harmful to people, animals, or plants. However, its unique formula also repels ants and other insects from the surface. When shopping for wood sealers, look for water based products with a non-toxic, non-cancer causing formula.

Ultimately, sealing the surfaces around your home is the best way to assure that they will stay bright and beautiful for years to come. If you want to achieve a beautiful, high gloss sheen that both protects and enhances the appearance of wood and masonry surfaces, then the choice is clear.

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