Newport Beach, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 11/16/2016 –What makes companies such Google, Apple, Microsoft great? Is it an effective product? A commitment to help the environment? The ability to adapt to current market trends while simultaneously innovating for the future? The answer is that it’s a combination of all these factors and more. It takes tremendous skill, leadership, and dedication to consistently deliver products that benefit everyone – customers, retailers, and the environment – while continually increasing profits.

“You have to consider those around you when you do business,” said Claude Florent, CEO of Rainguard. “We have not sacrificed our principles to make a quick buck or gain short-term notoriety because we believe that compromise ultimately does not work for companies who want sustainable success for themselves, their partners, their customers, and the environment.”

Like the tech giants, Rainguard truly is a company that does not merely go with the flow. Instead, they pave new paths and new models for other businesses to follow by offering viable solutions that are both long-lasting and highly effective.

“We’re curating a whole new paradigm by going against the grain both in terms of maximizing efficiency in the supply chain to mitigate costs and increase profits as well as significantly lessening environmental impact,” shared the ambitious CEO. “And not just in the home improvement sector, but for countless other industries as well.”

As Amazon and other major online retailers face decreasing profits and increasing logistical costs, Rainguard’s response is both financially pragmatic and deeply interwoven with an unshakable stance on protecting the environment. With the current state of logistical affairs and its downward spiral trend, everyone loses in the process – Amazon, the supplier, the distributor, the customer. Simply put, shipping is killing business. But with Rainguard, everyone wins. The obvious question then is: how do they do it?

“While online retailers – most notably Amazon – are getting crushed because of freight costs, we respond with real world solutions. We’ve aggressively assessed every single detail along the supply chain with incredible scrutiny and made every possible adjustment,” explained Mr. Florent. “What much of our investigation and subsequent action has boiled down to is pushing our concentrate formula which ultimately means less material, less weight, less volume and therefore lower material and shipping cost leading to an increase in profit and a better deal for the customer. In less than a year, we’ve seen a 16.2 times growth in online sales activity.”

With their product format, Rainguard ensures the home improvement consumer gets the highest value proposition while the supply chain can sustain the business and that the environment is better for it.

“The environment is our home. Let’s take care of it,” continued Mr. Florent. “By cutting back shipping, freights costs, and tightening up all other factors along the supply chain, we not only cut back on costs for consumers and increase profit margins for retailers, but also do a service to the environment by having less trucks, less materials, less gridlock and lower carbon footprint.”

Rainguard’s products are 100% eco-friendly from beginning to end. They do not contain carcinogens, hazardous by-products nor are they flammable. Simply put, they are obsessed with producing products that will never harm people, pets and plants – what they call their 3P Environmental Standard.

The future looks bright for Rainguard and they intend to keep it that way with constant innovation.

“We are about learning from the past, making things better in the present, and always planning strategically for the future,” the Rainguard CEO added. “We’re not just interested in selling a product, maintaining the status quo, or doing ‘business as usual’. We’re interested in re-defining the game in a way where everyone along the supply chain wins.”

To learn more about Rainguard’s innovation and sustainability policy, call them today at 800-272-4647 or email them at

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