Protecting My Outdoor Pillows With Rainguard HYDRO-LOK By Erin Spain. Erin Wrote this very helpful blog review about Hydro-Lok. Below is her excerpt with a link to her full article.

You guys — you’re not even going to believe this product. I had to make a video to show you because it’s hard to convey exactly what it does in photos alone. You may remember last year I waterproofed our porch with Rainguard. Well, they’ve come out with a new product called Hydro-Lok and this stuff is pretty amazing.

Erin Spain

“It creates a moisture barrier on almost any surface. According to Rainguard, it creates a clear, deep-penetrating, and non-film-forming chemically-reactive water repellent that contains no silicone oils, paraffin wax, or urethanes. Basically, it waterproofs your stuff and protects it from mold, mildew and water damage. You can use it on so many things: work boots, gloves, patio furniture, driveways, wood, leather, metal, concrete, canvas, porous stone, and more. I opted to use it on my favorite outdoor pillows that I bought at West Elm a couple years ago and have been afraid to use outside because they are mostly white and I don’t want them to get ruined. (Wise purchase, right?)” By Erin Spain

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