6 Things You Should Know about Anti-Graffiti by Defensive Coating. Manny Gonzalez wrote this helpful blog review a while back about  Anti-Graffiti. Below is an excerpt with a link to his full article.

6 things


1. What is anti-graffiti?

A sealer you put on your building to protect against unwanted graffiti vandalism. Anti-graffiti defends from spray paint, permanent markers, and other products harmful to your surfaces.

2. Who would benefit from using anti-graffiti?

Anyone experiencing graffiti vandalism can benefit from anti-graffiti. This could be anyone from a residential homeowner, commercial building owner, to city and government agencies.

3. Where can anti-graffiti be applied?

It can be applied to any cement, wood, masonry, plastic or metal surface. This includes indoor and outdoor surfaces: walls, parks, restrooms, homes, garages, schools, parking lots, anywhere that is at risk for graffiti vandalism.


read more…https://defensivecoatings.com/blogs/news/81723332-6-things-you-should-know-about-anti-graffiti

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