Rainguard Hydro-Lok #review by Mom Does Review. Victoria Wrote  this helpful review about Hydro-Lok. Below is an excerpt with the link to her full article.

As a Floridian that has just moved to the Pacific Northwest, I am dealing with some new winter elements that I have never experienced before. Anyone who lives in harsh-winter climates knows what I’m talking about… snow, ice, and frozen rain. Yuck!Rainguard Hydro-Lok Review at Mom Does ReviewsI quickly realized that with these new elements comes one major hidden danger – everything becomes slippery! It has almost been like learning to walk all over again. I initially thought “when the snow melts it will be back to normal, right?” Wrong! The water just turned to ice due to the low temperatures. Add in the muddy mess, and it is an all-around hazard to move around. Just walking out the front door was a extreme hazard.

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