These techniques assist in Preparing Your Building for Spring! Spring showers are no fun. Sure, the results are beautiful and the scenery is green, but seeping, stale, and drizzling water can wreak havoc on your building. Not this year. Rainguard will protect your building from the seasonal rain with a few waterproofing techniques.

You can prepare your building for spring with many affordable solutions to keep the rain out, stop the erosion in its tracks, and prevent unnecessary damage which can devalue your building. Install rain gutters, waterproof the exterior and all outdoor furnishings, lock-in your building’s finish, inspect the roof and siding, and patch cracks. A little bit of prep-work can go a long way and save you loads of cash.

 Rainguard’s Micro-Seal Coating is the perfect way to protect your building from the in-climate weather. Shop for yours today. 

Get the ultimate protection with our concentrates! A secret tip to an even longer lasting water repellent is to “double the solids” by cutting the dilution in half! This will give you stronger repellency for a longer duration! Try our Quart concentrates that make 5-gallons or our 6 oz “Eco-POD” that makes 1-gallon. When you cut the dilution in half, Micro-Seal will last for 20 years without having to re-apply throughout the duration!

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