Spring weather is known for its bipolar tendencies. One day will be sunny and the next there will be torrential downpour or snow storm. Drastic changes in weather can have a great effect on different structures.

spring weather


Rainguard protects from structural weather-damage.

From large infrastructure facilities to family homes to brick walk ways and wood patio decks, Rainguard protects all. Scientifically proven, Rainguard has a wide-inventory of wood, concrete, masonry waterproof coatings, sealers, stains and protection coatings. Try RainGuard’s Best Seller, Micro-seal Pentrating Silane Siloxane Waterproofer Coating. It is eco-friendly, provides a natural finish, and has a warranty up to 20 years.

With worldwide distribution, RainGuard will protect any infrastructure in any environment. Call one of our field representatives today at (949) 515-8800!

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