Protecting, Nourishing, & Supporting the Environment: Rainguard International

Author: Michael Bruer

Manufacturer of Waterproofing and Graffiti Protection Coatings Places Emphasis Creating Products that Reduce Carbon Footprint

Newport Beach, CA — (SBWIRE) — 02/16/2016 — Over the course of the last 20 years, there has been a surge in popularity for companies who emphasize environmentally friendly products. Businesses of every industry are lauded for their ability to reduce their carbon footprint and that of their customers, and do everything in their power to sustain this world we live in. One waterproof & graffiti protection coatings manufacturer, based in Newport Beach, California is doing just that. Rainguard International recently introduced the super concentrated Eco-PODS, which help customers reduce energy consumption, improve the environment, and significantly reduce overall costs.

Ultimately, the natural resources that occur here on Earth are finite, and it is incumbent upon the current generation of citizens to take strides to maintain and sustain those resources as best we can. From enacting laws to incentivizing recycling programs to simply increasing awareness of environmentally friendly practices, each of us can do our part to make the world a better place for the people of tomorrow. Rainguard does this directly with their Eco-PODS – which improve the natural environment by reducing the environmental impact of products and operations. Essentially, they’ve made the application of their products easier and less complicated, while also protecting the health and safety of every individual throughout the supply chain.

One of the most popular products produced by Rainguard International is their 6oz Eco-POD concentrate. It makes one gallon of ready-to-use (RTU) product, a dramatic reduction in both storage and weight – which in turn amounts to fewer truckloads of the traditional RTU product types. “The goal here is to reduce our impact on the environment, and by crafting a product that produces the same outcome in a higher concentration, we can accomplish just that,” explained the CEO of Rainguard Claude Florent. He continued “We are very proud of the final product we’ve created and we are confident that our customers will be excited to use it.” Rainguard offers a $1.00 rebate for each Eco-POD returned. The returns are then recycled and used again, further impacting benefits to the environment.


About Rainguard International
Since 1969, Rainguard International has been a family-run manufacturer of products designed to “wrap” the exterior of buildings and structures. This focus has allowed them to provide coating solutions for projects throughout the world . . . ranging from Walmart structures, to large infrastructure facilities, to the Athens Olympics, Stadiums, Airports, Highways, as well as multi-family and single-family residences. They have developed scientifically proven formulations for both horizontal and vertical surface applications, including an extensive line of masonry waterproof coatings and sealers, masonry stains, and graffiti protective coating products.


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