Wood Rot Damage in Balcony Joists



Encased in plaster, invisible to the eye, wood rot can be devastating to the structural integrity of your balcony and you’d never even know it. This damage has cost some more than repair costs, but even their lives as in the case of the recent Berkley catastrophe. (CNN) A residential balcony that collapsed and killed six students in Berkeley, California, had decayed to the point of severe dry rot, according to a new report.

A memorandum from inspectors at the Berkeley Building and Safety Division says that the deck’s severed joist ends — horizontal, parallel beams that support a ceiling or floor — looked “extensively rotted” where the structure had ripped from the wall.

The outer beams of the balcony had sustained “significant rot and decay,” while the inner joists appeared to be in better shape. (Full CNN Article Here)


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