Is this art? 

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Well, you’ll get different answers depending on who you ask. Here is what one YouTube channel is saying and in a way is promoting this lifestyle.

“Since a few months ago a new name started to pop up in the streets of Stockholm. Hitting the streets with tags and throw-ups Rask made a name pretty quick and many guys asked “Who is this guy?”. We got this video in our inbox a couple of days ago, 10 minutes of bombing from Stockholm. It won’t tell you who this mysterious man is but if you like bombing you won’t get disappointed. And if you would like more check his instagram:” 

Just look at how many views and comments this plague of a video received and how many subscribers the YouTube channel has. Really?! 


Granted, even by posting this blog article is unwittingly giving more attention to this so called artist agenda. Not intended, however, this post is just to state the obvious, people are gaining notoriety and some level of fame for spray painting scrawlings on our buildings all over the world. Weather we want it or not. It cost the building owners a ghastly amount of money to remove these unwanted and unsightly taggings year after year, and the problem is growing and spreading at an unprecedented pace like urban cancer. – Rainguard

Is Cost Involved?

Is the Pope Catholic? Does Mickey Mouse have ears? Duh yes! The boat dock owner now has to either send a thank you note to the “artist” who gifted him so generously by spray painting all over his dock box, or if not, he has to go buy some paint and spend the time to paint it back to the original color. Not cool. How would this “artist” – Rask like to wake up to seeing someone has spray painted all over his front door or all over his car one morning? Think about it. Again, not cool.

Is there a solution?

You mean, is there a way to get them to STOP? No way! However, Rainguard manufactures protective solutions and we sell VandlGuard anti-graffiti coatings to building owners all over the world to help with the removal of graffiti tagging, bombing and throw-ups. The cost comparison using Rainguard’s VandlGuard system is staggering. Building owners save money over the high cost of re-painting over the vandalism. Instead by using an Eco-Friendly Cleaner such as VandlClean Super by Rainguard, the graffiti is easily removed. The vandal now is the one who lost money (the spray paint he bought), and he is discouraged and moves on to targets that are more likely to leave up his “works of art”. As if!


VandlGuard Anti-Graffiti Coating


VandlClean Super Graffiti Cleaner Spray

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