At Rainguard, we get calls from a lot of folks at various stages of construction projects in their basement. Finishing or refinishing your basement with expert help would be nice we thought, so we thought we’d introduce you to Eddie Case, expert basement finishing craftsman. For info Click Here!



“Over the past 20 years I have finished more than 500 basements and designed over 2,500. When it comes to helping you refinish your own basement I’m confident I’m as qualified as they come.

What if I was to help you every step of the way with your basement finishing project?

What if I demonstrated step-by-step exactly how to plan and implement your project?

Would you feel confident you could save time, money, and end up with the beautiful basement you’ve always dreamed of?

I’m sure you would!

This is why I created ‘Basement Finishing University’ with over 165 hours of step-by-step videos covering EVERYTHING you could ever need to know about finishing your basement.

Click here to go to Basement Finishing University!

In addition to personally finishing hundreds of basements, I’ve assisted countless students of my course with their basement finishing questions. Here’s what one of my students had to say…

“Since becoming a member of the Basement Finishing University my brother and I totally gutted a once flooded basement and then completely rebuilt. The video series was awesome. People in the business said it looks like a professional job. I owe it all to the videos. Thanks! – Brent”

As a student of Basement Finishing University you’ll also be able to personally get my advice, assistance, and ask me any questions. In invite you to join ‘Basement Finishing University’ and I look forward to helping you create the basement you’ve always wanted!”

Thank you,

Eddie Case
Basement Finishing Expert


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