5 Star Rated for Customer Service! 


Wow! Rob, Kudo’s to you for taking such good care of Sandra L., and thank you Sandra! Have to share your beautiful review. smiley_face

“Sandra L. — 5 stars. Rainguard has great customer service. When a local painting/sealing company failed to follow Rainguard’s instructions and allowed its Super Stucco to pool on my flagstone patio, staining it, Rainguard took it upon itself to fix the problem. Understand Rainguard had no responsibility for causing the stain in the first pace. None. Yet the company gave me a product for free to seal my entire patio to match the stain. The Sales Rep just left my house after personally delivering it, just to say howdy and make sure I was happy. 

I’m not only happy but blown away. Rainguard is an international company that acts like a corner store, better than the corner store actually. 

BTW, here in Tucson, summer monsoon country, the Super Stucco sealer is doing its job keeping out the driving rain and, a big plus, doesn’t make my house look shiny like it’s gift wrapped. Other companies products do, I’m told.

I give Rainguard my highest rating.”

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We LOVE when given the opportunity to help remedy a problem! Rather than just being disgruntled, feel free to call us for assistance like Sandra did. We will do everything in our power to make sure you’re happy in the end if not also in the beginning and middle too! For that matter, give us a call before starting your project so we can help you pick the right product for your application saving you time and money, and give helpful advice on just how to put on our coatings the best way to give you the best results! That’s why we use the slogan, “Rainguard makes life easier”. 


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