DIY Project: Backyard Wood Yard Furniture – Swings Protected with Wood Sealer.



CG asked: “I have just added some wood yard furniture (swings) to my back yard. I would like to paint them fun colors but also seal them so they last longer than the one I had before. Should I use Rainguard before or after painting them?”

Rainguard: CG, great question. Sealing your wood yard furniture before you paint is best, since Wood Sealer is a deep penetrating waterproofer and also a great primer to paint over.  Be sure to apply a very heavy “flood coat” to your bare wood so the sealer can really soak into the surface. When it is dry to the touch, spray a second flood coat to make sure no spots were missed. Make sure to get underneath and in between any gaps in the wood / between the wooden slats. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before painting the wood yard furniture. Remember we offer FREE 2 day* shipping on our Concentrated Wood Sealer.

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