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Three Reasons to Waterproof your Wood Deck

1. Warping

Through years of rain and snow your deck will absorb water, warping and becoming unstable, making it unsafe.

2. Mold & Mildew

As water is retained in the wood mold and mildew develops, causing health and safety concerns to yourself and your family.

3. Overall Value

The integrity of your deck’s wood goes into disrepair, and the value and overall enjoyment of your property will degrade with the quality.

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Advanced Waterproofer

100% PENETRATING WATER REPELLENT WITH MICRO- LOK® ADVANCED WATERPROOFER is a solvent free, 100% active solid, repellent. ADVANCED WATERPROOFER self emulsifies to form a high performance and deep penetrating, alkali resistant water repellent emulsion. When applied, ADVANCED WATERPROOFER forms a long-chain water repellent barrier deep within the masonry surface. This hydrophobic barrier repels water yet remains highly vapor permeable and allows moisture to escape. ADVANCED WATERPROOFER performance is not affected by weathering, UV light or wind driven rain.

MICRO-LOK creates a micro-molecular chemical and mechanical bond between the water-repellent chemicals and the substrate. ADVANCED WATERPROOFER penetrates deep into the applied surfaces to provide long lasting and virtually indestructible water repellent protection that is not affected by weather or sunlight. Helps prevent spalling and cracking caused by freeze thaw cycles. Helps prevent chloride ion intrusion and efflorescence.


  • Exclusive MICRO-LOK formulation
  • Mold and mildew inhibitor
  • Protection not affected by weathering or UV light
  • Single or multiple coat application
  • O.C. compliant
  • Contains no known carcinogens
  • Maintenance free
  • Breathable – does not trap moisture
  • Can be used in cold temperature applications
  • UV protectant


  • Masonry block
  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • EFIS or cement plaster
  • May be used on composite construction with a variety of substrates
  • Wood Surfaces
  • Recommended for both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Oil, gas and brake fluid repellent
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